Aces Pizzas

Aces Pizzas began their residence with us in November 2017. They serve up exceptional pizza, with thin bases and fine-tuned toppings .

Russell Hicks
Saturday 2nd February 2019 at The Taproom »

Russell Hicks does the unthinkable. He performs an hour set without doing any crowd work. Instead he wriggles on the vine searching his heart and soul for material by way of stream of conscious conversation with himself. It is going to be awesome. The work in progress to end all works in progresses.

Ticket Price: FREE - (with donation at end of show) or reserve a ticket in advance.

Wed 16 January
Hump Day Happy Time
7:30pm, £5.00
Fri 18 January
Hoof: A Night of Improvised Comedy
7:45pm, £5.00